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Although I am best known as a Dog Obedience Specialist, you’ll find a vast array of info beyond dog training here on my personal blog, as I have a wide range of personal and professional interests and absolutely LOVE sharing experiences from them that might benefit others.

I’m an Eclectic Renaissance Woman (aka Multipotentialite)

So I consider myself a “Multipotentialite” (or Multipod for short), which really is just…

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Not sure what the heck I mean by this?

Then maybe this #1 Definition of a Renaissance Woman from the Urban Dictionary might help…

You know if you…have met a Renaissance Woman, because:

She can mix the knowledge of what is considered disparate spheres into a new whole,

by using her most unique method of analysis based on her very vast, deep curiosity and experiences…

which lead to a very vast and deep knowledge,

that she is so anxious to apply to everyday life, and to inquire, and to share with everyone she meets.

So, if I don’t already know you personally, now you’ve just “cyber met” a Renaissance Woman. Pleased to make your online acquaintance!

We’re not too common in today’s society. But there definitely ARE more of us, as I was happy to recently discover…

Since I love to write, I have found that blogging has become my preferred platform for sharing with “everyone I meet” in one central place all the random and varied tidbits of knowledge and information swirling around in my head that don’t warrant building an entire program around, as I did with my life’s dog training work, but that I think might still benefit others.

I love the simple Learn, Do, Teach philosophy of blogging for this kind of information, so if you find value in my posts, I hope you enjoy and visit often!

The List Is On LinkedIn

Is the above description of me in a nutshell in any way still confusing?

Then I hope this helps. The Urban Dictionary’s #2 Definition for a Renaissance Woman (or Man!) is “someone who is active in many fields.”

Some well-known ones quickly come to mind. To name a few…Oprah Winfrey, Sir Richard Branson, Jennifer Lopez, Paul Newman, Hugh Laurie, and the late great David Bowie.

So if you have an interest in what professional fields I am active in beyond the seemingly random info you find on My Blog, check out my LinkedIn profile to discover if any of the variety of work lives that I lead (or have led) may serve you…and if so, I look forward to connecting with you soon! 😉

Are You Also a Multipod? Then Join a Family of Multipotentialites!

If you can relate at all to the Multipod description above, then you may be interested in joining the Puttytribe Waitlist to be notified about the next time their doors open to new members.

If you can’t relate, that’s ok too! 😉 Hopefully this post at least helps you to better understand the Multipods you may encounter in your life and work settings.

Can you think of any other well-known Multipotentialites?

I’d love hear about them, so please do leave a COMMENT with your thoughts below. Also feel free to link to your own Multipod endeavors, and don’t forget to also SHARE this post with the Multipods in your life!

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Eclectic Slovenian/American Entrepreneur…Dog Obedience Specialist, Lifestyle Blogger, and Renaissance Woman with knowledge, skills, and abilities ranging from real estate to sailing instruction to dance performance, with a whole lot in between. Thanks for visiting, hope you find value in my posts…until we meet again, Live Long and Prosper!

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