Hello World…It’s Good To Be Back!

I am sooo excited to finally be back on the blogging bandwagon after what has turned out to be a very prolonged absence due to a variety of, well…let’s just call them “challenges” over the past few years!

And I am very much looking forward to sharing the gems of knowledge I’ve learned while I’ve been both missing in action and at times inaction going through these trials and tribulations on this “fresh start” blog, my new home on the internet.

I will also be sharing other random tidbits of knowledge and information about my experiences from this day forward from both my professional endeavors as well as hacks from my personal experiences that may benefit others.

It is my intention to do my best to follow the Learn, Do, Teach blogging philosophy that was instilled in me during my time blogging with the international blogging group Empower Network. Although I may not always hit the “Blog Daily” mark, I will do my best to make frequent postings ;-)…so stay tuned!

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Eclectic Slovenian/American Entrepreneur…Dog Obedience Specialist, Lifestyle Blogger, and Renaissance Woman with knowledge, skills, and abilities ranging from real estate to sailing instruction to dance performance, with a whole lot in between. Thanks for visiting, hope you find value in my posts…until we meet again, Live Long and Prosper!

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